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Rethinking the Role of Human Resources

CEOs: It’s Time to Rethink the Role of Human Resources

The human resources industry saw one of its biggest shifts in history throughout the COVID pandemic and continues to feel the aftershock. Every company was faced with an “evolve or else” scenario that tested organizational processes, teams, culture, and technology, but no department felt the impact as much as the HR department. 

HR teams are responsible for the fundamental operations of an organization—employee support, culture, recruiting, payroll, facilities, and more. COVID revealed they were in desperate need of an evolution, and they needed to adapt fast. 

Some of the fundamental HR processes and tasks were inefficient and ineffective. In an instant, employees needed new kinds of support, hybrid workforces required new ideas and approaches, and activities like recruiting had to change. 

While no business was immune to the COVID pandemic, the organizations with executive teams who recognized the strategic role, and critical nature, of HR have survived it best.

Christine Hairelson, Vice President of Employee Experience at Accusoft (the parent company for OnTask), shared her thoughts with Tampa Bay Business & Wealth magazine on not just surviving but thriving coming out of the COVID crisis, and what CEOs need to focus on to succeed in a post-COVID business world. 

Read the full story here:

It’s time for CEOs to rethink the role of human resources


HR Management and OnTask

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