The Age of Mobile Recruiting: How the Staffing Industry is Going Digital

The staffing industry has evolved to be more dependent on mobile devices, and recruiting companies will have to adapt. Mobile-enabled tools and software are not just “perks” for your team—they’re now a necessity for getting the job done.

Whether recruiters are working remotely, visiting a client’s office, or screening a potential job candidate from their phone, they’re always on-the-go in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

Here are three major industry trends in this new age of mobile recruiting, and how you can leverage automation to better capitalize on them.

Job search is going mobile. Employers and recruiters must make it a priority to create a mobile-friendly experience for job seekers—45% of them search for jobs on their mobile device daily, and 89% think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process. In order to reach top talent on the platforms they’re actually using, it’s important that recruiters are present on mobile too. With workflow management, it’s possible to automate the application process for jobseekers. Fillable forms are easy to use and collect information faster and more accurately—no manual data entry necessary!

Use of data to make strategic hiring decisions. The massive amounts of data available in today’s digital world can be used to predict hiring outcomes and identify top talent in an endless stack of resumes. This makes finding the right candidate for a job less time-consuming and costly. While manually screening candidates used to be the norm, automated workflow management puts that process on auto-pilot and reduces human error, empowering recruiters to focus on the personal aspects of placing talent. This way, rather than getting bogged down by the logistics, there’s more time to make sure a candidate is the right fit from both a corporate culture and skills perspective.

Remote work is the future. It’s estimated that by 2020, over half of employees will work remotely. While there are many benefits to working remotely, it can hinder collaboration and complicate logistics. While 43% of remote workers believe a flexible schedule is the biggest upside of remote work, 21% say trying to collaborate and communicate is their biggest struggle.

However, with contract automation, recruiters are able to create, edit, and share contracts with coworkers back at the office, hiring managers, or job candidates. Once finalized, secure, legally-binding digital signatures can be acquired immediately—no matter where all parties are located or what devices they’re using. By closing deals and placing talent faster, recruiters are empowered to drive revenue and increase client satisfaction.

The new age of mobile recruiting is here, and automation can be leveraged to give you a strategic advantage. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can recruit with ease—on any device, from any location.