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Using OnTask for COVID-19 Related PTO Requests

As part of OSHA’s new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), businesses with 100 employees or more are required to roll out their employee vaccination program by January 4th. However, employers need a plan in place sooner than that for distributing PTO. The deadline to begin providing PTO is December 6th.

One of the most important requirements under the ETS is that employers support their employees with reasonable PTO accommodations to receive their vaccines. This includes up to 4 hours of additional paid time off to receive doses and cover travel time if done during the workday. 

Additionally, reasonable time off and paid sick leave to recover from side effects are also a requirement for employers to provide, if the proper time is not already present in the employee’s accrued sick leave. However, most employers are opting to add additional PTO for their employees as a reward for vaccination. Further requirements related to PTO for vaccine side effects are likely to be communicated in the coming weeks.

Luckily, tracking and distributing that PTO doesn’t have to be an additional headache for your human resources team. OnTask’s Health Tracker has PTO distribution baked in, automatically routing all vaccine-related PTO requests to HR for review and submission.


How Does OnTask Help with Vaccine-related PTO Requests?

We’re glad you asked. OnTask’s Health Tracker is designed to account for every piece of your vaccination plan, automating all crucial elements. Some of the benefits include:

  • Staying in Compliance – OnTask’s Health Tracker has everything you need to abide by the new OSHA mandate. Additionally, the platform is HIPAA, FERPA, and SOC2 compliant with a number of security features built-in.
  • Eliminating Follow Up – Built-in reminders can be set to automatically remind employees to submit their vaccine cards following their PTO, and for reviewers to look at previously submitted paperwork that may be waiting on approval. Escalations re-assign tasks if a participant fails to take the designated action.
  • Simplifying Upload for Employees – OnTask can be accessed from any device without downloading an app, and supports most files types to make uploading CDC cards a painless process.
  • Reducing Errors – Automated processes leave little room for error, and ensure the right people get the documents they need.
  • Staying Agile – Workflows created in OnTask can be easily updated if and when OSHA standards change, without having to start from scratch.

In addition to keeping vaccine PTO requests organized, OnTask’s Health Tracker also allows you to:

  • Track vaccinations, exemptions, additional shots, and boosters
  • Conduct pre-entry health screenings
  • Collect COVID-19 test results
  • Perform contact tracing
  • Gain visibility into who has and has not been vaccinated


How OnTask Automates COVID-19 PTO Requests

Here’s how it works for employees receiving vaccine-related PTO:

  1. The OnTask workflow is sent to employees via email, QR code, or as a clickable link.
  2. Employees launch the workflow and are prompted to enter their email and confirm that they have received a vaccine or soon plan to in order to receive their PTO, and are prompted to enter a vaccination date.
  3. The employee is then sent an email requesting that they submit their proof in order to receive the appropriate PTO with a link to do so. 
  4. A notification is set to remind employees to upload their proof of vaccination if they haven’t within two days.
  5. Along with uploaded cards, the PTO requests are sent to HR via an automated email. Employees will also receive a confirmation email notifying them that their request is in review.
  6. The HR member or reviewer can then click the link in their email to review what has been submitted.
  7. Whether the PTO request is approved or denied, the reviewer simply inputs their decision, and an email is automatically routed back to the employee informing them of the decision.
  8. For denied PTO requests, the reviewer has an opportunity to provide feedback and let the employee know why the request was denied.

See a demo of how it works:


Get Set Up Before the Deadline

Don’t forget, January 4th is the new deadline to have your vaccine plan launched. Be sure to iron out your business’ PTO policy for vaccination and communicate to employees before then. OnTask can help you get up and running in just a few day’s time without the help of an IT team. To get started, schedule a demo today.