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Using OnTask to Improve Every Phase of the Employee Lifecycle

As an HR professional, you’re here to foster the human relationships in your company. But no employer can do right by its people if its processes are disorganized. We know the frustration you face when you don’t have adequate resources to do your job effectively. 

Thankfully, workflow automation offers a powerful way to take care of the small, yet important, details that make or break an employer’s effectiveness. From recruitment and onboarding to separation, OnTask can transform every phase of your employee lifecycle.



Let’s face it: your goal is simple. You want to focus on finding the right people for the job, ensuring that their onboarding is efficient and swift. But you lose valuable candidates when the application process isn’t intuitive — the right match may just move on to another opportunity.

And it’s not just candidates, you don’t want to lose time and money on inefficient paperwork either. Even when the right candidates do persevere, you’re left with the overwhelming task of finding them in a sea of unqualified applications. Yet you can’t take the paperwork out of the equation either, so it inevitably takes time away from the people-oriented work you are really here to do.

Well, what if that paperwork could be taken care of automatically? OnTask’s workflow automation enables just that.  From applications to employee onboarding forms, the recruitment process doesn’t have to be cumbersome anymore. 

OnTask offers streamlined, mobile-friendly job applications so you can give candidates the right impression. It also simplifies things on the HR side. Using automatic conditional logic, it can filter out unqualified applicants, automatically route HR-approved paperwork to the right teams, and automate applicant reminders throughout the screening process. It even allows candidates to see their application status in a user-friendly dashboard.

OnTask saves HR teams time and the company money, making recruitment painless for everyone.



As you’re all too aware, paperwork doesn’t stop after recruitment. And besides being tedious for you, it can cause problems for the company down the road. If the onboarding process leaves your new recruits with a negative first impression, they could be more likely to seek out other opportunities. 

According to some statistics, more than 1 in 6 employees leave their new positions within 3 months. (Another study says it’s nearly double that number.) It appears that the decision rests on the impressions they glean within those first months, or even weeks. So the more you can present to new employees the image of an organized, communication-strong employer, the better foundation you’re laying for a long, happy partnership.

OnTask can help you streamline the onboarding process. Increase your efficiency and help establish early respect for the company by replacing chaotic multi-platform tasks with a streamlined, centralized platform. 

New employees will feel empowered to take relevant next steps seamlessly thanks to conditional logic. And your life will be easier too: you can digitize your new-hire and financial documentation and automate privilege assignment, email setup, and employee data integration.

Strengthen your new relationships with incoming employees, and save time to focus more on person-to-person tasks. It’s a win-win!


Learning and Development

Keeping your employees feeling connected doesn’t stop at onboarding, of course. Throughout your recruits’ careers, clear and consistent feedback, evaluation, and development remains key. Without a clear trajectory, team members can be left feeling adrift and uninvested. This needlessly impacts their performance and satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, many employers let this part of the employer-employee relationship stagnate, as setting up the logistics for an effective employee development strategy is easier said than done. But as an HR professional, you know how crucial it is to stay engaged and invested at all points of the employee lifecycle. 

No more missed evaluations or time wasted on manually following up with employees and managers. Use OnTask to automatically send evaluations and surveys to the next person in the process. Secure sensitive information on employee performance (unlike with paper forms) and make training and workflow needs painless, too. Shorten training timelines and assign project tasks to individual team members with easy-to-see progress statuses. The simplified process and enhanced collaboration will effortlessly boost teams’ engagement and productivity.

Make it easy for your employees to see what they need to do, when, and why, and strengthen your teams’ engagement and productivity. 


Compensation and Benefits

When it comes to the mundane day-to-day, HR employees are inundated with crucial high volume, low-complexity tasks. Things like PTO requests and benefits enrollment have to be processed accurately and in a timely manner. But they can really use up the majority of time in a workday and crowd out more important things.

Worse, human error in these important tasks is virtually inevitable. This can cause enormous wastes of time, energy and money, not to mention privacy violation risks if documents aren’t well secured. 

These are exactly the kinds of responsibilities that OnTask is made to handle. Automatically offer employees secure, encrypted forms when they submit their sensitive data and easily build compliance standards into your workflows (such as HIPAA, SOC2 and FERPA). You can even automate compensation and benefits enrollment.


Succession Planning

Your primary goal is to bring in good talent, build strong teams, and keep employees for the long run. But inevitably, every company faces letting people go, whether through resignation, layoffs, or other circumstances.

These separations entail careful planning and effort to ensure they go smoothly, from offboarding paperwork to effective team transitioning. If separation is badly managed, the company loses valuable opportunities to learn where it can improve, and employees’ bad impressions could impact company image. Not to mention, poor planning can seriously impact remaining team members’ morale, increasing turnover.

But since OnTask partners with you to make the details seamlessly flow together, your separation process can be smooth, fruitful, and well-planned.

OnTask can help you digitize documents and forms for exit interviews to ensure no steps are missed during offboarding. You’ll be able to streamline IT checklists to ensure everything is accomplished on-time and correctly, and ease the transition for remaining team members. With OnTask, you can promptly ensure responsibilities are transferred to the right team members or teams.


HR Automation Simplified

The responsibilities you face as an HR professional can feel endless and daunting. While we can’t eliminate those responsibilities, OnTask makes the process easier and more effective. From workflow automation to secure, digitized forms and paperwork, transform your efficiency and free yourself to focus on what really matters—employee relationships. Schedule a demo with OnTask today to see just how efficient your HR department can be.