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Vaccine Tracking Webinar Rewind: COVID-19 Protocols Made Easy with OnTask

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely heard about the new OSHA mandates regarding COVID-19 and employee vaccination. This has left business owners and HR departments scrambling to put together their plans.

Luckily, there’s OnTask—a no-code workflow automation tool that simplifies the collection of vaccination cards and COVID-19 test results.

In this webinar recap, you’ll learn some of the most important takeaways from our webinar on using OnTask,  “OnTask: Your COVID-19 Protocol Made Easy”, and get answers to some of the most asked questions regarding COVID-19 programs. Let’s jump in.


A Quick Look at Vaccine Requirement Facts

  • 100+ employees in your workplace? Employees must show proof of full vaccination or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. Any and all exemptions must be recorded with the reason requested.
  • 913 colleges and universities have mandated vaccines across 40 states and Washington D.C. This number continually rises each day.
  • January 4th is the new, updated deadline for businesses to roll out their plan
  • The Federal worker deadline is currently unknown but expected to be decided after the holiday season to ensure no supply chain disruptions


OnTask Makes Launching Your Vaccine Protocol Simple

Now, we’ll dive into some of the features of OnTask’s Health Tracker. You can see a live demo of OnTask in action by accessing the full webinar here.

User-friendly Features

Certain features in OnTask were added to make it easy for admins to create, and easy for employees and customers to use:

No-code workflow builder
This gives you the ability to model your workflow based on your company’s needs but also makes it easy to make edits as regulations change.

Pre-built templates
OnTask’s pre-built templates allow us to help you get stood up with your vaccine protocol in just a few days. They can be customized to fully fit your unique needs.

Employees and customers can access OnTask from their mobile devices.

Document upload from any device
Users can upload all documentation and submit info without having to download any native apps.

CRM integrations via Zapier
OnTask seamlessly integrates with native applications like SharePoint, GoogleDrive or the CRMs you use on a daily basis.

Custom branding
All communications can be tailored to fit your branding guidelines.

Easy share options
Once workflows are created, easily share them with employees or customers via a custom link, QR code, email, or text message.

Security Features

OnTask is a secure platform, designed to keep your business safe and in compliance without the hassle. Security features include:

HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 2 compliance
OnTask keeps businesses in compliance with high-security standards.

Access separation to keep data secure
Separate access to give HR members or other reviewers access to COVID-19 workflow information, and bar access from unauthorized users. Your administrators have access to these settings and can quickly make changes.

Tamper-proof documents
Tamper-proof documents ensure all information is kept under tight lock and key.

Legally-binding digital signatures
Keep your business safe with legally-binding signatures that come complete with audit trails.

256-bit AES and TLS encryption
All data is encrypted at rest and transit to ensure security.


Vaccine Collection Capabilities

OnTask has a number of different features and logic in-app that make it easy to collect single, multi-dose, or booster proof as well as exemptions with OnTask.

Collecting Data
OnTask’s conditional logic branching allows you to account for different decisions and lead users down different paths based on their answers. This allows you to have proof of vaccination and exemptions in the same workflow. The document upload and legally-binding digital signature features we mentioned earlier allow users to upload their cards and certify that they submitted true information.

Cutting Out Manual Work
Built-in reminders ensure that employees remember to upload their additional doses and boosters, while automated routing ensures all submitted info is sent to the right parties. This saves teams time that would normally be spent following up and takes the guesswork out of sending documents to the right place.


Health Screenings Made Easy

In addition to vaccine card collection and weekly testing, OnTask can also be used to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter your workplace. These workflows can be sent to employees through a link or they can even scan a QR code at the entrance of your business. Once launched, you can have them answer questions about possible exposure, temperature, symptoms, and more. Once complete, conditional logic will determine whether they can enter or not, and will send all info to the proper parties.



  • Q: How long does it take to get something like this up and running if we had your team help stand it up?
    • A: We have a professional services team who will work with you to get set up. Within 24 hours of purchase, our professional service team typically has your account created and a template for your workflow that you can start to review. Generally, within 5 working hours, we can make modifications to your template based on your feedback to get ready for production.
  • Q: Is there a way to make it look like it’s coming from my business instead of OnTask?
    • A: Yes. Emails sent from OnTask can be customized to fit your brand’s guidelines with company logos, custom button colors, and more. You can also customize the branding on your dashboard and add in your logo so that it will be familiar to your employees.
  • Q: How many workflows can you run at one time?
    • A: Any number of workflows can be run at any time. Our system scales with increased volume so that there are no interruptions.
  • Q: Is OnTask mobile-friendly?
    • A: Yes. No apps need to be downloaded to use OnTask. The platform is mobile responsive and accessible on a laptop, an iPad, or your phone, without any changes in user experience.
  • Q: What if I need to send out to 500 people every week? What does this look like in terms of pricing?
    • A: Plan-wise, we have employee-based pricing. Simply contact us and we will work with you on pricing.If you have 500 employees in a spreadsheet who needed to take weekly testing, you could easily import that sheet into OnTask. From there, OnTask will create a workflow for each of those employees that can be tracked.
  • Q: I’m interested in using OnTask for sending out and tracking the required weekly negative test for employees with exemptions. I need to be able to easily export a .CSV file for those people who have or have not completed the task.
    • A: Using our example from the last question, if we launched 500 workflows you can see all of them in progress in the “In Progress” tab of the dashboard. Once the user has run through the entire thing, the workflow will show up in the “Completed” tab. In each case, there is a button you can click to export all instances, that also works on filtered views. In short, yes, you can do this in OnTask and download it for use. See an example in the recorded demo.
  • Q: Our policies are constantly changing right now. Do we need to overhaul our workflow every time something changes in the process?
    • A: No, you don’t have to overhaul it. You can go in and change the piece of the workflow that needs to be updated. We will teach your staff how to do this. Please note, this will not change any workflows that have already been sent out, but will apply to all future workflows sent.
  • Q: How can I make sure people actually fill this out on time?
    • A: At any point in the workflow with a step that requires an action, you can add a reminder. Simply click into the step and set it for any amount of time you’d like. You can also add escalations that will reroute tasks to managers to ensure the workflow gets completed.
  • Q: Do I need a developer to implement OnTask?
    • A: No. No coding is involved, so there is no need for developer help. We’ve designed the platform to be simple enough for everyday users to make updates and implement the platform. However, we do have APIs available for developers or IT teams to integrate OnTask into their applications. You can find more info on OnTask API here.

Want to watch the full webinar? Click here. If you’d just like to see the live demo, you can skip to minute 8:00 of the video to see OnTask in action. And, if you have any questions, please feel free to schedule a demo today.