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What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Digital Waivers & Health Screening Forms

As businesses across the country re-open, adjusting to the new normal is paramount. Unfortunately, as things are still uncertain, part of that normal means safeguarding your company against future liability while doing your best to protect your customers and employees.  

What is a Liability Waiver? 

While waivers can have a variety of meanings, a liability waiver specifically should possess a release of liability agreement to mitigate risks of liability, according to law firm Fisher Phillips. A liability waiver may include protective clauses for assumption of risk, indemnification, and covenants not to sue. It should also include an agreement to comply with essential policies. Overall, a liability waiver must be clearly written in language that’s unambiguous and easy to understand. 

Why Are Liability Waivers Important? 

Having a digital liability waiver is a simple and cost-effective way to protect against potential exposure claims. Additionally, liability waivers can help you communicate risks to your customers and employees as well as demonstrate that you are taking their safety seriously. However, you must be careful not to overstate the steps you are taking, according to The National Law Review. Statements of fact pose a higher risk of misrepresentation, so more aspirational or qualified statements are safer. 

What Other Paperwork Can Protect My Business? 

Health screening questionnaires are another way to limit potential exposure. You can also use the questionnaire to communicate required safety guidelines, such as mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing to customers or employees that are granted permission to enter the premises. OnTask is HIPAA compliant, so you can safely and securely collect health information.

How Can I Use Liability Waivers and Health Screening Forms for Customers?

Digital Liability Waivers

If your company is one of the many that are back open for business, having a liability waiver for your customers to sign is an essential way to protect yourself. Creating a digital liability waiver makes it easier to get customer signatures, whether you run a gym, salon, daycare centers, car dealership, medical office, and other business. 

For example, if someone is looking to stay at your hotel, then you can require their signature on a digital waiver and release of liability form for their stay before they even arrive. 

It’s easy to create a digital liability waiver with OnTask. Whether you’re starting from scratch or taking an existing PDF form and converting it to digital, our template assistant and library can help you build a liability waiver in seconds. With the ability to integrate your CRM and other systems, your customer data can automatically populate in the liability waiver, increasing accuracy and making the waiver simpler for customers to fill out. In addition, our digital signatures are legally binding, and customers aren’t required to create an account to complete the forms. 

Health Screening Forms

For gyms, medical offices, hotels, and other businesses that are potentially at a higher risk of exposure, sending a health screening form to guests can help lower exposure to risk upfront. 

With OnTask, you can create a digital health questionnaire and send it to a customer, client, or student before they ever walk into your establishment, greatly minimizing risk. If the participant indicates a certain response on the questionnaire, such as they have experienced a fever in the past 48 hours, an automated notification can be sent that reflects company policies and procedures, such as the recommendation to see a doctor and the statement that no entry will be granted. It’s easy to follow up and provide details based on the results of the questionnaire. And, since OnTask is HIPAA compliant, healthcare offices can collect patient sensitive data without having to see patients in person before a medical visit. 

How Can I Use Liability Waivers and Screeners for Employees?

Digital Liability Waivers for Employees

With offices opening back up, it’s important to both protect your employees and yourself. Sending digital liability waivers to your employees can help you verify that they are willing to come back to work.

Health Screening Forms for Employees

Before an employee is granted access to your business, you can minimize potential risk with a digital health screening questionnaire. With the ability to create a fillable form, or scan and convert an existing PDF, you can generate a questionnaire in seconds. Employees can check “yes” or “no” to questions like “Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?” If an employee checks “yes” to any of the qualifying questions, access to the office will be denied and an automated email will be sent with information and instructions. With a digital form, it’s easy to collect this important information from your employees, whether you have to collect it once or every day.

Digital Waivers, Documents and Forms With OnTask

OnTask makes it quick and easy to create liability waivers and other necessary documents for your organization. With the ability to track the progress of waiver and form completion, you can easily see what needs to get done. Customers and employees can access the waivers anytime, anywhere, which means you’ll collect more signatures and data with greater accuracy. 

We’re here to help during this difficult time by providing the tools and templates you need to keep your business running. However, each jurisdiction has different rules and regulations, so we recommend you have any waivers and paperwork approved by your compliance professional prior to use.