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3 Ways OnTask can Simplify Your Business’ Vaccine Protocol

COVID-19 changed the face of the workplace, sending many employees back home for work. But now that vaccines are widely available, a return to the office is no longer imminent – it’s happening. Yet this isn’t a return to “business as usual.” Organizations now are tasked with adhering to shifting CDC guidelines, supporting employee adjustment back in the office, and keeping the workplace safe. 

More than that, businesses need to think about creating flexible, rotating schedules, reintegrating employees back into the workspace, and onboarding an influx of new hires. And, with Biden’s newest COVID-19 mandates, OSHA has announced a series of new vaccine regulations that require organizations with 100 employees or more to ensure that all workers are either vaccinated or tested weekly for COVID. 

The logistics of “back to business”? More complicated than ever.

But with the right tool, even the most complex tasks are simple. OnTask can help your business stay on track by allowing your team to take a hands-off approach to automating vaccine monitoring. Our platform makes it easier than ever for you to track, digitize, and manage employee vaccine cards, weekly testing, and COVID-19 status – seamlessly, safely. Here are three ways we’re taking stress out of the equation:


1 – Collecting Proof of Vaccine Information

When you work in a large office setting, you’re dealing with employees whose health statuses vary. Some employees may have no issue getting the vaccine, whereas others have health conditions or religious restrictions that exempt them from vaccination. Other employees might simply choose not to get the shot.

A lot of different scenarios, contingent on multiple factors? Sounds complicated. OnTask streamlines your ability to track official vaccine cards by enabling employees to scan and upload their CDC cards from any device, at any time. With OnTask’s conditional logic, you can set responses and workflows to account for who is exempt from the vaccine, guaranteeing full transparency into who has been vaccinated. OnTask digitizes and stores this information for ease of review and reference, making your job a whole lot simpler. 

Plus, our automated reminders alert you and your employees to get your first or second dose, or even your boosters as they become available. OnTask also notifies unvaccinated employees when they’re due for their weekly COVID-19 testing. 

HR can also rest easy knowing that OnTask’s platform is secure and compliant with HIPAA, SOC2 and FERPA regulations. You and your employees don’t have to worry about data breaches or unauthorized access to valuable information. 


2 – Gathering COVID-19 Test Results

Bringing employees back to the office right now means increased efforts in sanitation, masking, and social distancing. What’s more, many employees experience high stress around the pandemic and may be concerned about unvaccinated coworkers. For this reason, you may have to take extra precautions to ensure an amicable and safe working environment for all employees. 

Moreover, depending on your organization’s size and requirements for unvaccinated employees wearing a mask, mandatory temperature checks, limiting certain parts of the workplace to those vaccinated you may have to monitor a high volume of COVID-19 test results. 

OnTask enables employees to submit their test results from any device. They can also upload documentation and digitally certify the information with legally binding signatures.


3 – Leveraging On-Site Health Screenings

Keeping your workplace safe and compliant with CDC guidelines can feel like an uphill battle. But conducting health screenings doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of sifting through mountains of unmanageable paperwork, OnTask keeps your desk (and your desktop) clear and your organization safe – without the hassle. 

Our Digital Health Screening Forms offer faster, streamlined processes that give you immediate insights on the health of everyone in your workplace. The forms can be used for both employees and customers entering your business, and can be accessed via a link or QR code from any smartphone or digital device.

OnTask lets you customize easily, depending on how your workplace operates, too. You can create automated responses to the forms, for instance, so if someone entering your facility has been exposed to COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms, you can take quick precautions. 

Industrial Color, for example, uses OnTask’s Digital Health Screening Forms to administer and track health screenings for employees and actors coming onto their set. The team leverages OnTask’s conditional logic tools to create questionnaires that gather information about COVID symptoms, temperatures, travel activity, vaccination status and more. This customization makes it easier for Industrial Color to determine who can access their sets and workplace safely. 


Simplify Your Workplace Vaccine Monitoring with OnTask.

The pandemic has brought stress to even the calmest offices. That’s why our team at OnTask is committed to building the ultimate tool for simplifying pandemic safety measures and tracking vaccines . 

You’re doing so much to get your workplace ready to open. We’re here to help you stay open and stay safe. Ready to take care of business? Schedule your OnTask demo today.