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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

Bake It on Wheels Puts the Icing on the Cake with OnTask

Natasha at Bake It on Wheels needed a better way to collect digital waivers from everyone entering her confectionary party bus. As COVID-19 started to slow down and bookings started to go up for the Miami-based business, managing her current email and spreadsheet waiver system was overwhelming. With the help of OnTask, she can easily collect and store waivers—and so can the owners of her Bake It on Wheels franchise locations.

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About the Client

Bake It On Wheels™ is a unique and exciting experience when it comes to party entertainment options. Rather than sending guests to a random location and struggling with parking or scattering among strangers, Bake It On Wheels’ fully-equipped bakery on a bus is a safe and convenient alternative. Catering to all age groups and baking skill levels, Bake It On Wheels has a confectionary class for anyone looking to have a good time.

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“I highly recommend OnTask—everything about it, from how easy it is to work with, the customer service, the training, the willingness to make it work in any way for your concept. I have not had an issue, not one day, with OnTask.”
Natasha O’Connor, Founder of Bake It on Wheels
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After a smooth onboarding and digital waiver collection success, Bake It on Wheels decided to expand their use of OnTask to their new franchisees. All franchisees received a pre-built template to use and support from OnTask to ensure their digital waiver system was up and running. OnTask allowed Bake It on Wheels to expand their business with ease.
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