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Contact Hamilton Finds Their All-in-One Solution with OnTask

Up until the start of the COVID pandemic, the team at Contact Hamilton handled most of their documents by hand. But, when employees were sent to work remotely, keeping up with multiple versions of documents and tracking those documents via email became more complex. Contact Hamilton knew they needed a better way to handle and sign their documents. That’s when they found OnTask.

About the Client

Contact Hamilton is a social service agency located in Ontario, Canada providing resources and support to children living with developmental, behavioral, and emotional challenges, and adults with developmental disabilities. They work closely with clients to connect them to the services and support needed to live a happy and meaningful life.

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“My experience so far has been good in terms of getting support. I love being able to provide feedback and have it heard, that’s a big deal to me.”
Dayna Setzkorn, Operations Manager at Contact Hamilton
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Using OnTask, the team at Contact Hamilton was able to stop relying on jumbled emails when sending and following up on forms. Now, employees can easily sign off on documents sent to them, track changes, and access audit trails to ensure compliance. And, the response from employees so far has been exceptional. Contact Hamilton plans to roll out OnTask across all of their departments in the coming months.
To learn more, download the full case study. Download Now