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Investigations Law Group Takes Over Health Tracking for Clients with OnTask

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations realized they needed assistance in creating health guidelines and protocols.OnTask gave ILG a simple way to track vaccinations for the companies they worked with while meeting all compliance requirements.

About the Client

Since 1995, Investigations Law Group (ILG) has provided strategic and crisis response services to clients in the private sector, government, and education. Based in Denver, Colorado, ILG is dedicated to improving organizational cultures to allow people to do their very best work and learning.   

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“I loved how easy it was and how clean it looked. It captured everything we needed it to capture, was simple to implement, and could meet all of our needs.”
Jennifer Volmer, Senior Partner at ILG
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ILG used OnTask’s pre-built vaccination workflows and tweaked them to fit the needs of their clients. Linking OnTask with their branded portal, ILG was able to send out vaccination workflows to lists of employees for completion. Now, ILG is coming up with new ways to use OnTask and simplify their processes.
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