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TLC Family Care Uses OnTask to Streamline Document Management

TLC Family Care requires a variety of documents and forms to be completed and returned by all applicants. The documents and forms come in all shapes and sizes, collecting data from driver’s licenses, references, waivers, and more. In 2014, TLC Family Care implemented electronic signing for these processes. As the business scaled, it was not always possible for applicants to physically come into the office. 

About the Client

Stephanie Graff and Sharon Graff are both mothers of two and former nanny employers who started TLC Family Care. They have dedicated their careers to helping families secure safe, reliable care for their loved ones. As working mothers, they both fully understand the emotional stress and physical time commitment involved in managing busy families. They have built TLC with a serious commitment to the safety, health, and development of children, support and education of the nannies and sitters, and easy access for busy parents. TLC Family Care’s team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have intimate knowledge of the needs of parents and extensive experience matching families with caregivers.

“Overall, OnTask has provided an excellent solution. One of the things I love about it is that I can personalize a document and the email that goes along with it for each individual person.”
Gregg Radell, Operations Director, TLC Family Care
TLC Family Care needed a document management solution that was both cost effective and offered great customer support. Read how OnTask helped them achieve their goals.
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