Dear Peers: How to Boost Peer Recognition with Workflow Automation


Wouldn’t it be great to share proven hard work and give recognition to colleagues for producing unbelievable results? Of course it would be. But oftentimes, we fall victim to busy, stressful workloads that force us to cast peer recognition to the side. And ironically, stressful times are exactly when appreciation is most needed by your team.

The solution? If you’re looking to make peer-to-peer recognition easier—and boost company morale at the same time—it’s time to explore the wonders of workflow automation. Let’s explore the simple steps you can take to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your peer recognition process:

Fully Understand the Problem

Let’s start by discussing the two main steps in peer recognition: expressing appreciation and distributing appreciation.

First, having the ability to express appreciation is pivotal. If no one at the company finds it easy or important to thank others, there will be nothing to distribute in the first place. Secondly, distributing information to the team can be challenging if your colleagues don’t know how it’s transferred. Make sure your team understands how appreciation is distributed so they share consistently.

What’s the key to success then? Making it as easy as possible for team members to express and receive appreciation. For example, if the office kudos protocol is posting a sticky note to the bulletin board that says something like, “Stephen crushed the Smith Report this week,” there is no guarantee that Stephen will see it. Further, if Jennifer is working on tight deadlines or stuck in meetings, it’s very easy to forget to post that note on the billboard.

Take a moment to think about what your office struggles with more. Is it too difficult for employees to express their appreciation? Does your organization not have an effective way to get acknowledgment to those who deserve it? Is it a combination of both? Once you have found the issue, you can begin mapping out a process to fix it.

Once you have identified which problems your organization is struggling with, it’s time to implement an automation solution for your process solution—in other words, share your appreciation. While showing appreciation does take some thoughtful consideration, it isn’t always an immediate action. But don’t fret: this will be taken care of in step No. 2.

See Workflow Automation Shine

Once you’ve mapped out your peer recognition process, it’s time to let workflow automation work its magic. Workflow automation programs keep track of responsibilities and tasks for an organization in one convenient place—but some of these software solutions specifically provide additional features for colleagues to leave notes, thank yous, and kudos for each other directly on the task.

Let’s say that Jennifer sends a task for Stephen to complete, requesting it to be finished by Friday. Being the hard worker he is, he completes it by Wednesday – and Jennifer wants to give him a shout-out for it. So what can she do? With workflow automation, she would have the option to send him an acknowledgment directly through her company’s custom acknowledgment workflow. This makes it a lot easier for Jennifer to send (and for Stephen to receive) some well-earned appreciation.

Depending on your organizational preferences, you have the option to have acknowledgments go to as many (or as few) people as you want. Whether your organization wants kudos to go company-wide or only go to the receiver, you can make it happen.

Imagine if the minute Jennifer felt her appreciation for Stephen, she could immediately state it. That would be pretty amazing right? You’d start to see kudos being thrown around left and right. Good news: this can be your reality. Many workflow automation systems include custom workflow design, so your organization can make a workflow that works for your procedures – and provides an easy way to show appreciation for hard work.

Your employees are your greatest assets. The best ones have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to bring your company to the next level, so it’s important to lift everyone up for their accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Workflow automation encourages everyone to send and receive acknowledgment for this hard work. Besides, who doesn’t love a little recognition every now and then? There is every reason to use these workflow automation software solutions- and begin showing your employees and colleagues the appreciation they deserve.