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Get secure, compliant digital signatures in seconds.

Easily collect staff, customer, or patient data with compliant digital forms.

Merge data from multiple sources and generate fillable documents with ease.

Integrate signatures, forms, documents, and workflows into your native apps in minutes.

Help your departments work faster with eSignatures, forms, and documents connected by intelligent workflows.

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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities


Automation Mixology eBook

It’s time you shake up your “good enough” processes. Because let’s face it, “the way we’ve always done it” just isn’t going to cut it in 2023. You may think your Old Fashioned way of doing things worked just fine, but taking processes digital allows you to free up time for employees to focus on growing your business and satisfying clients.

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Transforming your processes doesn’t have to be a hardship either. Our recipes give you an easy, fun way to see what goes into each of the processes you can automate. We’re also here with you every step of the way with next-level support, help center articles, and personalized demos to show you how easy it can be.

In this new eBook, we’ll be sharing our most effective recipes for solving your paperwork problems:


The eSignature Sour

If you’re still manually sending and following up on digital signatures, this is a must-read recipe. OnTask gives you legally binding eSignatures that come complete with automated routing, built-in reminders, and escalations. That means you can cut out steps like finding a document, printing it, scanning it, and emailing it to a client to have them print, sign, and scan.


The Digital Forms Fizz

The perfect digital form cocktail starts with OnTask. You can enhance your customer experience with digital access to forms, fillable fields, and secure data collection. All documents sent and collected through OnTask are also digitally stored in our secure system so that you can access them whenever you need.


The Document ‘n’ Stormy

Another perfect recipe for getting rid of paper processes is the Document ‘n’ Stormy. Using automated documents allows you to easily generate and send contracts in bulk. Keeping documents online also means your team can collaborate and access them remotely, while reducing errors. And, these online documents bring you even more security than paper-based documents while being accessible to authorized users from anywhere and any device at any time.


The Platform Piña Colada

This recipe is for those who want a full automation solution to use across the various departments of your business. That means getting rid of those disjointed processes that give your employees headaches. Instead you can keep things running with conditional logic, automated routing, and integrations to connect your favorite platforms.


The OnTask API Spritz

Need to spritz up your native applications? We have a recipe for that too. The apps you’re creating may need eSignatures and it takes a lot of time to create those in-house. But with OnTask API, you can add legally binding signature capabilities to your apps without the hassle of developing, QAing, and getting compliance on an in-house solution.


Find the Recipes to Enhance Your Business

It’s time to strain out the things that are slowing your employees down. Using these recipes, you can give new and potential clients the right first impression of your business, while saving money and boosting productivity. On average, people who switch to OnTask save $7.50 for each document or form sent.

Want to learn how to shake up your processes with ease? Download the Automation Mixology eBook to see recipes for taking your workplace to the next level.