Empower Your Millennial Workforce


If there’s one thing we’ve realized, it’s that millennials are immensely different from their Generation X and Baby Boomer predecessors when it comes to the workplace. This booming generation wants immediate gratification, to make a meaningful impact, and to have flexibility in their work environments.

In traditional workplaces with outdated technology, it is growing more and more difficult to appeal to this type of employee. However, companies don’t need to transform entirely to take advantage of this generation of capable and creative workers. Small initiatives, like implementing workflow automation, can kick off strategies to empower the millennial workforce. Here’s how:

Enable Productivity

Millennials are often viewed as a “lazy” generation due to their need for flexibility and instant gratification – but rather, do these needs point to their ability to be productive? Millennials don’t want to throw away valuable time with manual processes that can be fast-tracked; they want to use that time to come up with better, creative solutions that have a true impact on the business and the world around them. When their time is dedicated to mundane and repetitive tasks, they end up wasting their talent and time.

This is where automation software comes to the rescue. In a traditional office, a document is created and emailed to, let’s say, four people. By the end of the day, there are up to four different versions of that same document traveling through the office, creating massive confusion when it’s time for consolidation. With automation, no time is wasted. You can create a document and have it sent to all necessary parties with means of communal editing to avoid multiple versions. After sending the document out, employees can check on its progress in the dashboard and see when they need to take action. Eliminating the strain of a manual process allows millennial employees to maximize their time and creativity.

Look, Listen, Learn

The younger generations always look up to their elders for wisdom and advice, but sometimes it helps to reverse that custom for innovative results. With a constant craving for improvement and vast knowledge of technology, millennials have the ability to help your company improve its current processes.

Many companies conquer common projects with a process map, a comprehensive and detailed outline of how a certain type of project progresses through the company from concept to completion. When building or editing this process map, you’re forced to hold a magnifying glass up to your company and its method of operations. By giving your millennial employees a seat at the table when mapping out and designing, you create the opportunity to have fresh eyes look at and evolve your processes with their innovative mindset.

Once the details are sorted, your company has to visually layout and subsequently implement the upgraded workflow. Workflow automation software makes it simple to edit operations with little to no confusion all within an easy-to-read workflow design.

Allow and Promote the Culture Shift

As new generations enter the workforce, a culture shift becomes essential. Not a huge overhaul of the company’s methodology, but enough to create room for enhancements. For example, it’s becoming increasingly popular for millennial-friendly offices to allow and promote working remotely. Some businesses have employees who are remote 100% of the time and others one day a week. Working remotely has a wide variety of benefits for both the employee and employer, including increased productivity and decreased spending.

Automation grants your company the ability to do business from anywhere while still maintaining the aspect of collaboration. Workflow automation software has an array of tools that promote better business, such as the convenient and easy to use dashboard. With the dashboard feature, employees can check in and see where their projects are in the pipeline without the hassle of email. In addition, they can easily access any documents or forms that may need their attention without needing to actually be present in the office. Using all available tools that help them do their job better and faster is what being a millennial in the workplace is all about.

Unfortunately, some companies view modern modification as a way of pandering to the millennial generation, but this type of thinking is simply false. Empowering the millennial workforce with workflow automation doesn’t only attract a larger pool of top-quality applicants – it also makes your company a better and more efficient business.