Give Your Business Operations a Boost: Scaling with Automation


Small businesses may believe that the benefits of automation are unnecessary at their size. But regardless of the number of employees or amount of revenue a company has, automation can always be used to build out processes — and it’s scalable along with a company’s growth. We’ve compiled a list of four major ways automation can help give business operations a boost, pushing small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to achieve their desired growth.


  1. Optimize efficiency of day-to-day workflows

For SMBs, having fewer people on staff likely means that all employees wear multiple hats and work at a fast pace. This can lead to oversights and mistakes, like sending the wrong version of a sales proposal to a client or losing track of edits on a project. With workflow software, these day-to-day processes can essentially be put on autopilot. With automatic reminders and emails, employees will never lose sight of where they are. And when businesses already have processes in place that have been tested and proven to run smoothly, it makes times of evolution and high growth less chaotic. SMBs that have taken advantage of automation on a smaller scale will be ready with an effective system that can develop as the company does.


  1. Attract, onboard, and retain top talent with ease

A company grows in the right direction when a team of skilled employees is passionate about pushing the company forward. HR automation streamlines various aspects of the hiring and onboarding processes so companies can get the most qualified candidates. It collects job applications, sends out offer letters, helps get contracts signed, distributes employee handbooks and policies, and streamlines payroll. Putting these automated processes in place early allows small businesses to build a talented staff from the get-go and keep them in-house with less effort.


  1. Get documents signed faster

Getting a new client is exciting (and essential to stay in business and to grow). What’s not so exciting is the seemingly endless paperwork, edits, and signatures needed to close the deal. With document automation, end-to-end visibility of contracts is possible. Clients are able to get the right version of a quote, proposal, contract, or agreement routed to them quickly with the most up-to-date edits. This creates a more positive customer experience, making them likely to come back for more business or refer the company to others, which creates organic growth for SMBs. As a company’s client base grows, it becomes even more important to have these processes streamlined for quicker turnaround. When small businesses are able to spend less time on paperwork, they have more time to build client relationships and onboard new customers, increasing overall revenue and accelerating growth.


  1. Make time for more profitable ventures

Working smarter, not harder, is possible with workflow management. By identifying repeatable processes and automating them—like chasing down the latest signed version of a contract or following up with a coworker to see their progress—busywork can be drastically minimized. This newfound time allows employees’ focus to shift to more productive, higher margin ventures. It also enables them to collaborate more effectively and build their own configurable workflow solutions. When SMBs can allocate time and resources to core business tasks rather than menial tasks, key milestones are achieved faster. As a company continues to grow, automation makes it possible to keep focusing on the future rather than getting bogged down with tasks that don’t generate profit.


* * *


For small businesses, finding a way to streamline daily operations, while looking towards the future, can be tricky. With automation, it’s possible to put processes in place that make today easier while also promising a better tomorrow. SMBs are able, while they grow, to scale automated processes more efficiently than ever before. Don’t believe it? Ask us.