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Document Fields Enhancement in the Document Assistant

 A new document fields enhancement is here for those working in the document assistant, and sending documents for signature has just gotten easier.

When placing fields in a document previously, users would have to select each field that was placed and specify an assignee. This new enhancement cuts those steps in half. Additionally, the fields picker featured an unfiltered look at possible field options, creating confusion when trying to find the right assignment.

After hearing feedback from customers, we’ve made some small updates to this experience to make placing faster, without added time searching for what you need. Let’s take a look at what’s changed: 

view of screen adding first role

view of screen adding second role

Now, you can select a role once and place all of the fields that will be assigned to that role. You can also easily change the role selection to place fields for other assignees using the drop-down shown above.

view showing building form fields

In this new selection, the list of fields is now filtered by what role you select. That means unrelated fields will no longer show in an effort to prevent endless scrolling when looking for the right item to place.

Please note, that this enhancement has been deployed in the document assistant only.

Do you have a suggestion on how we could improve? Submit your request using this link.