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July 2022 Product Release Notes

This month, our team has been hard at work creating a brand new document experience that we’re excited to share with you. We’ve also made some changes to logic branches and our combine documents feature. Let’s jump in.

My Documents Section Deployed

OnTask now has a document-centric section called “My Documents”. You may have noticed this section before when our new UI launched, but now it’s ready for use. Here, users can upload  documents to create templates by placing fields on them. These templates can be sent over and over again, and can be edited at any time. The field you place can be used to collect secure signatures and other important data from users.

My Documents Section view

Access Completed Documents

If you use a document template to collect signatures, you can find completed documents in the My Documents section as well under “Completed” as shown below. You can also see the status of in-progress documents in the “In Progress” section.

In Progress dash view

Combine Documents Steps Now Support .eml Files

One of our customers requested an update to our combine documents feature, and we delivered. OnTask now supports .eml files (also known as files from exported emails) for use in combine documents steps. 

Smarter Currency Variable in Logic Branches

A new function has been added to logic branches for currency possess variables. These variables are now treated the same as other numeric values in logic comparisons. This means you can use a logic branch to check for a certain dollar amount, and have the workflow intelligently proceed based on whether the value is below or above a specified amount.

Customer Issues Resolved

  • Fix deployed to ensure buttons in quick sign viewer appear on multiple screen sizes 
  • Fix deployed for issue in which a saved property value with the number 0 would not auto-populate in Fill & Sign tasks