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OnTask’s Updated Workflow Builder

OnTask’s Workflow Builder has an Updated Look: Here’s What’s New

OnTask’s workflow modeler has a new look, with an improved UI to make building workflows even easier and give businesses greater transparency into their processes.

This new update includes color-coded participant tracking, intuitive workflow health monitoring, easy workflow editing, expanded help content, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these new features.

Participant Tracking

Ontask Participant Tracking

Workflow participants are now color-coded, giving users full visibility into what individuals are assigned to what tasks. On the right side of the dashboard, each participant is listed with their correlated color and the number of tasks assigned to them in the selected workflow.

Participants can be assigned under the “Assignee” field in the “General” tab upon clicking into a task.

Workflow Health Monitor

Workflow Health screen details

OnTask’s new update makes errors more apparent to ensure nothing gets in the way of launching your workflow.

On the right side of the dashboard, the new workflow health monitor can be found. This area shows alerts for any issues which are preventing the workflow from being published, and will list the number of steps that need attention. 

Each task that needs attention will be highlighted in red, and will display two icons for users to click. Users can edit tasks directly from the workflow health area by clicking the small pencil icon next to the task. By clicking the target icon, users will be taken directly to the task’s location in the workflow.

Once all issues have been resolved, the workflow health monitor will read, “Your workflow is safe to publish!”.

 Streamlined Editing

Detail screen of Streamlined Editing features

Making changes to workflows, no matter how big, is easier than ever before with the new workflow builder update. 

Here is what’s new for some of the most common tasks used in OnTask workflows:

Form Tasks
When clicking into form tasks, users will now see three tabs labeled “General”, “Fields”, and “Actions.” All form editing options have been moved into these three categories.

Under the “General” tab:

  • Task label (also known as the name of your task)
  • Assignee (the participant who needs to take an action at this step)
  • Page content options (including headings and subheadings)

Under the “Fields” tab:

  • Edit any fields on the form (for example, a form may have a name and date field)

Under the “Actions” tab:

  • Any buttons included in this form

Fill & Sign
Much like form tasks, fill & sign tasks feature three tabs labeled “General”, “Fields”, and “Actions.” All fill & sign task editing options have been moved into these three categories.

Under the “General” tab:

  • Task label (also known as the name of your task)
  • Assignee (the participant who needs to take an action at this step)
  • Uploaded document (the document participants will be signing)
  • User permissions (control how participants are allowed to access the document
  • Reminders (set automated reminders for users to sign)

Under the “Fields” tab:

  • Scan for fields (allows users to scan and automatically place fields in the document)
  • Field editor (allows users to drag and drop fields onto the form)

Under the “Actions” tab:

  • Edit any buttons included on the document

Logic Branches
The logic branch editor features a simple task configuration, with all branches listed on the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking into each individual branch, users can configure the branch’s name and all conditions that must be met.

Additionally, a visual editor has been added so that users can view branches.

Expanded Help Content (More in-screen help and guidance on using OnTask)

New help icons have been added throughout the OnTask dashboard. Clicking on the “?” icons throughout the workflow builder will open up additional help content and tips to help users navigate the platform.

Easily Update Pre-Existing Workflows

Large, multi-step workflows can feel intimidating to edit. We’ve added a new workflow search feature to make finding and editing tasks and participants simple.

Also located on the right-hand side of the screen is a new search function. Using the search function, you can type in a keyword, the name of a step, or a participant’s name to find its location within your workflow.

For example, if an employee who is part of a workflow leaves the company, users can search for their email within the workflow and replace all instances with a new email address.

Have questions about the changes to OnTask’s workflow builder? Contact us today for support.