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Get secure, compliant digital signatures in seconds.

Easily collect staff, customer, or patient data with compliant digital forms.

Merge data from multiple sources and generate fillable documents with ease.

Integrate signatures, forms, documents, and workflows into your native apps in minutes.

Help your departments work faster with eSignatures, forms, and documents connected by intelligent workflows.

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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

Update Your Profile

Your profile allows you define your name and title that will be used throughout OnTask. You can update your profile at any time.

Update Your Profile

  1. Log in to OnTask.
  2. Click your account icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Click “Profile Settings”.
  4. Update your First Name, Last Name, Company, and/or Title.
    • Your email address cannot be changed.
  5. Click “Update Profile”.

Your profile is now updated.

Social Media Accounts

If you signed up for OnTask with Facebook or Google, your name will automatically be set to match your name from your social media profile. Updating your name in OnTask does not update your name in Facebook or Google.