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Top 5 Reasons to Automate University Paperwork

Automation for universities has some great benefits for students, faculty, and staff. Learn about some of the most commonly automated processes by downloading the infographic.

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In this infographic, we’ll show you the top 5 reasons why automation for universities matters, and some examples of what processes can be taken digital to help get you started. Download now to get started.

When it comes to university paperwork, almost any document, form, or paper-based process can be taken digital. But, finding the time to implement a new tool or solution can feel like a big lift, especially when you’re already short on time. We’re here to tell you that taking the first steps towards automation for your university doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking—and it’s well worth the small effort it takes to get up and running.

After all, studies show that automation can save faculty and staff up to 13 hours per week that can be spent on more important tasks. This boosted efficiency makes time for faculty members to focus on nurturing students and saves on paper-related costs. The right tool can also make it easy to get documents sent and signed by students to ensure necessary paperwork gets returned in a timely manner.

Currently, studies estimate that close to 60% of university processes can be automated. Knowing where to start can be tough, but it’s best to identify the processes that are slowing your faculty and staff down the most, or that seem to create the most confusion. Automating these problem areas is a great first step to take, and a great way to gain buy-in from staff and higher-ups at your institution.

Some of the most time-consuming processes that can be automated include:

  • Class registrations
  • Course evaluations
  • Vendor contracts & payments
  • Study abroad paperwork
  • Transcript requests
  • Academic honesty reports
  • New student registration
  • Staff and faculty onboarding
  • Employee contracts
  • Vaccine tracking

The list goes on, but these are some of the most common that OnTask users tend to start with.