OnTask and Salesforce: A Powerful Integration


Unlock your customer data, automate approval and signing processes, and stay focused with OnTask automation and Salesforce. Accusoft’s latest SaaS solution just added an app to the Salesforce AppExchange – and if you’re manually managing agreements, you need to check it out for yourself.

Simplify Your Contract Workflows

OnTask is a document automation platform, backed by over 25 years of Accusoft’s document imaging expertise. Our powerful and flexible platform helps you standardize processes, reduce risk, and ultimately increase your sales team’s productivity.

Using OnTask and Salesforce together, you can avoid bottlenecks by quickly identifying who has the contract and see the current status in real-time. OnTask also gives your sales team an edge by automatically populating templates with customer data from Salesforce records, so they can draft and get agreements out the door in half the time.

In addition, OnTask enables you to get contracts electronically signed using any device, and at the end of the process, stores those executed agreements back in the appropriate record in Salesforce. This new integration takes contract automation to a new level of simplicity. Why is this integration so exciting?

Using OnTask with Salesforce enables:

1. Real-Time Tracking

With end-to-end visibility, you’ll always know which contracts are in progress and what the next step is. Contract statuses and milestones are synced to your Salesforce dashboard so you can operate in one system.

2. Digital Signatures

Send and sign documents effortlessly. Always know where your contract is in the approval process. Users can sign on any device, anytime thanks to mobile responsive design.

3. Contract Automation & Collaboration

OnTask drastically reduces common data entry errors and streamlines the contracting process — from creation to revision to the finishing touches. Save time, kill your endless email chains of edits, and enjoy working smarter.

Streamline the Approval Process

When you connect OnTask with Salesforce, you can streamline the way your sales team generates, reviews and tracks contracts, quotes, and agreements.

With this integration, you gain more control over the way documents are processed across your entire organization. OnTask allows all stakeholders to follow the contract throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation to final approval. When you’re negotiating and executing contracts seamlessly online, you can spend more time and resources on what’s most important to you — your customers.

Unlock your customer data, automate the approval and signing processes, and stay focused with the OnTask app for Salesforce. Learn more about the capabilities here.