OnTask on Zapier: Your Workflow Just Got Snappier


Process automation offers big potential. According to Forbes, 63 percent of business leaders say that automation tools will help safeguard operations against economic downturn. But recession-proof reasoning isn’t the only benefit of document, form, and application automation. 

While the right combination of tools can enhance workflows and improve outcomes, scattershot solutions may actively impede overall efficiency. The solution? OnTask on Zapier: Best-of-breed document and form automation connected with  application connection to make your workflow smoother, speedier, and snappier.

How OnTask Helps

OnTask simplifies the creation, review, tracking, and approval of your documents and forms. Instead of manually entering information  — and running the risk of inherent human error — you can collect and distribute data once across your workflow. Relevant fields are automatically populated across forms and systems, giving your staff more time to focus on what matters. Plus, you can easily create reusable web forms, responsive mobile forms, and robust no-code processes.

If document data entry, development, and deployment are delaying key processes in your organization, OnTask can help get you back on track and back on time.

Happier with Zapier

Zapier makes staff happier. How? By connecting the apps you use every day. It’s easy. Integrate your web apps with a few simple clicks, then improve processes with custom workflows — called Zaps — to deliver enhanced automation. From Zoom to HubSpot to Google Sheets, Box, and Trello, Zaps help your staff zip through critical tasks.

Connecting Docs and Forms

OnTask on Zapier lets you connect documents and forms with ease. With more than 2000+ available application integrations, it’s possible to create custom workflows that align with critical objectives to deliver on key outcomes. It all starts with Zapier.

You create a multi-step Zap that links multiple solutions — such as Salesforce, Trello, and Smartsheet — and then integrate OnTask. When an important event occurs in one of your solutions, your Zap triggers specific document collection and creation processes.

What does this look like in practice? Consider the development and deployment of targeted marketing efforts. Using Salesforce, you’re collecting key customer data. Using Trello, you’re assigning tasks. Using Airblade, you’re enabling collaboration. OnTask with Zapier detects key events in these processes — such as new customer account creation — to trigger the creation and completion of relevant forms.

Effortless Integration

Ready to get started with OnTask on Zapier? Integration is easy. Head to your Zapier account, then go to “My Apps.” Click on “Connect a new account,” search for OnTask, and enter your Group API. This lets your team use whatever applications they need, whenever they need them, to streamline document and process workflows. Take advantage of preconfigured Zaps with highly-used integrations to get off the ground ASAP. Some of our top used preconfigured Zaps are: Trello, Box, Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets, Airtable, Hubspot, and Stripe.

Any questions? Contact us to get assistance or connect you with a OnTask certified Zapier Expert.