Top 5 Sales Rep Pain Points – And How To Eliminate Them


Your sales team is the heart of your company—they bring in clients, earn revenue, deal with complex customer needs, and do it all with a smile on their face. Regardless of how amazing your sales reps are, there are always going to be some issues that prevent them from working as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s ongoing training, your workflow processes, or your management tools, every sales team faces challenges that seem impossible to overcome. We’ve rounded up concrete solutions to the top five sales pain points to get your team back on track and working at the top of their game:

It’s hard keeping track of multiple pending items

One of the toughest parts about being a sales rep is making sure everyone is keeping track of their work. Some reps are better at this than others, but what if everyone could track their work efficiently? According to Gartner, professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information they need, and spend upwards of 18 minutes trying to find each document that is needed. By using workflow software, it can enable your sales team to better track everyone’s work which will result in a faster sales cycle, and decrease the time spent searching. Using OnTask’s workflow software will allow your team to easily automate repetitive processes, letting your sales team easily collaborate online and focus on complex tasks. No more phone tag, no more endless meetings, and no endless hours spent on follow-up.

There are too many steps to get a contract signed, and delivered.

Contract negotiation is tricky. You want to get it done fast, but also take the time to ensure that the contract is solid and nothing is missing—not to mention keeping track of multiple versions and rounds of edits. Going back and forth with a client to negotiate, sign, and deliver the contract can be very frustrating for a sales rep. That’s why contract management solutions are the key to smoothly working through a contract. Collaborate internally with your team before sending out to the client for the specifics with different view permissions, negotiate seamlessly with comments and viewing history, and accept or reject changes all in one platform. The best part? You can collect legally binding signatures to finalize the sales process.

No communication between marketing and sales

Communication between siloed teams can be irritating, especially when teams generally have separate processes in place. 97% of employees and executives believe that a lack of alignment within and between teams impacts the outcome of a task or project, according to a survey done by Clear Company. With OnTask’s operations automation software, you can collaborate across teams in an instant. Work better with the marketing team using operations software with features such as: audit trails, progress tracking, and total visibility into document revisions. Set up a process that works for both sales and marketing, and ensure it meets the unique needs of both sales and marketing to advance your business goals and foster collaboration. OnTask easily integrates with your existing CRM and marketing tools to keep the line of communication open between teams.

There’s too much busywork

Most of the time that sales reps are working, they aren’t actually selling—they are getting ready to sell, or following up on clerical tasks post-sale. Sales reps would rather be selling than doing mountains of busy work to prepare for the sale, and get done with busy work faster. It’s been found that 40% of productivity is lost to switching tasks back and forth. Stop switching tasks, and let OnTask handle the busy work for you. Create fillable forms for your clients and eliminate endless paperwork in one simple platform.

Sales cycles are too slow

If your sales cycle seemingly never ends and is full of complex steps, you’re likely to lose business because of it. Your contract and sales workflows are a key part of customer experience, and if you’re bogged down in paperwork, chances are your customers can see it. Lost productivity and poorly managed leads can cause slow sales cycles, and account for $1 Trillion lost by all businesses per year. By using OnTask your sales cycles will keep moving, by automating tasks and allowing peers to view documents in real time. Get busy work done quicker and allow yourself to concentrate on what matters—getting the sale.

Being a sales rep can be tough with rejections, paperwork, and workload, but by using a workflow automation software you can take back control of your tasks. As a sales rep, time is money. Don’t let pain points keep lagging you down. Save time and earn money with OnTask, the software that allows you to work smarter and not harder.