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Collect Student Health History Assessments

Encouraging students to fill and return health history forms before enrollment is important, in case of any new or ongoing health concerns. See how easy it can be for your students to submit their health history, and customize your own health screening form.

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Why Use Digital Forms for Student Health Forms?

Digital forms increase the likelihood you’ll get completed health screenings back from your students, with less follow up in between. Additionally, going digital makes it easier to keep track of documents and ensure your school stays in compliance.

Here's What is Possible With Student Health History Assessment Template

The Student Health History Assessment Template is designed to help you find more time in your workday. Get a quick look at how the template works in this video. You’ll be able to see how it looks for end-users who are filling a document. Keep in mind that this template can be completely customized and updated with your vital process information

How OnTask Streamlines Student Health History Form Collection

OnTask is a HIPAA and FERPA compliant solution to health history forms. Students can access forms via a link on your website, QR code, or through an email or text. They can then fill out their form using any device to be automatically routed back to your administrative team. You can even set reminders for students that forget to fill their form, to ensure no paperwork falls through the cracks.

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