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Conduct Performance Evaluations with Ease

Employee performance evaluations help set expectations in the workplace, but they can be tedious to conduct. Take a test drive of what it looks like as a manager filling and signing an employee evaluation, and what employees see when it’s their time to sign and review. At the end, you can customize your own performance evaluation template.

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Why Take Performance Evaluations Digital?

Whether you have a team of 5 or 50, filling out performance evaluations can be tedious. Printing and filling paper-based documents adds another layer of hassle that can easily be avoided when you go digital. Digital forms are easy to fill out from any device and can be automatically sent to employees and management for review upon completion.

How OnTask Streamlines Performance Evaluations

Using OnTask, you can upload your performance evaluation document, scan for fields and place them where responses are needed, fill and sign. These documents can be reused and edited time and time again as employee evaluation time rolls back around. Once you or your management team has filled the necessary info, documents are automatically routed to employees to review and sign. Try it out for yourself.

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