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COVID-19 Health Screening for Businesses Workflow

If you’re bringing employees back into the office, conducting pre-entry health screenings can be a great way to ensure your workplace stays as safe as possible. Try our simple workplace health screening workflow out for yourself, and customize it to fit your needs.

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Why Conduct COVID-19 Health Screening Digitally?

A digital health screening solution allows your employees to quickly click a link or scan a QR code to submit their results. A digital process saves on paper and makes the process easy for employees or any customers entering your business. And, with a solution like OnTask, you can easily track and store these results or have them automatically sent to HR.


An All-in-One Solution for Digital Health Screenings

Using conditional logic, OnTask makes it easy to conduct health screenings at your workplace. Depending on employees’ inputs, OnTask can either approve or deny their entry for the day. All results can then be sent and stored for later review.

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