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COVID-19 PTO Tracking Workflow

A lot goes into a COVID-19 plan, and tracking PTO can complicate things. Allotting PTO is a requirement under the new OSHA mandate, and many businesses are opting to give additional PTO as a reward for those who get vaccinated. See how easy OnTask makes tracking PTO using this template, and customize it to fit your needs.

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Why Track COVID Info and PTO Using a Single System?

Instead of relying on multiple systems and makeshift processes, OnTask can handle all of your COVID-related paperwork and simplify the way your business tracks the PTO that comes along with it. OnTask helps you store and track, and comes complete with automated emails to ensure nothing gets lost along the way.

How OnTask Simplifies COVID-19 PTO Requests

OnTask gives employees an easy way to submit their paperwork, with a mobile-friendly platform for them to upload images and sign. All requests are emailed to your designated contact, and built-in reminders ensure that everything stays on track.

Easily track COVID-related PTO using OnTask.

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