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Easy-to-Create Digital Waiver Forms

OnTask takes the hassle out of digital waivers for both employees and customers. Upload your own waiver or start with one of our templates to create your very own reusable digital waiver.

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Why Use Digital Forms for Waivers?

Taking your waivers digital saves time and money, while making the process easier for all parties involved. Health waivers and liability waivers are a necessity for businesses across industries, and having a scalable solution to grow as your company does is essential.

How OnTask Keeps Digital Waiver Collection on Track

OnTask is designed to make data collection easy. Simply create your digital waiver form, designate required fields, and send out to participants. Participants can easily fill in their info via a link or QR code, and sign using our secure eSignature tool. Once finished, your waiver can be automatically routed to the proper team members when it’s their time to step in. All completed forms are stored in OnTask and can be accessed at any time.

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