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Cyber Security Training Forms to Keep Your Workplace Secure

OnTask gives you a way to upload important cyber security documents or links to training, and then have employees digitally sign upon completion. Try it for yourself and customize your own.

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Why have Employees Digitally Acknowledge Cyber Security Forms?

As part of your cyber security initiatives, keeping data in a secure location is imperative. Having employees digitally sign to certify they’ve completed their training in the event of an audit or security breach is important to create an added layer of due diligence at your business.

How OnTask Simplifies Cyber Security Training for Employees

OnTask allows you to quickly upload or link off to training assets, and upload documentation for employees to sign certifying they have completed the course. Signatures collected through OnTask are legally-binding, complete with audit trails and timestamps. All records are stored within the OnTask system in the event your team needs to access them later on down the line.

It’s time to take steps towards making your organization more secure.

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