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Job Application Forms Made Easy

OnTask makes it easy for job applicants to submit applications for your open positions. See what users experience when filling out an application with OnTask and create your very own.

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Why Use Digital Forms for Job Applications

Give  applicants a good first impression using digital job application forms. Digital applications are easy for employees to quickly fill out and send back to employers for review. And, digital applications are easy to track and access when it comes time to make important hiring decisions.


How OnTask Streamlines the Job Application Process

OnTask makes sending and posting job applications easy. Simply create your form and share via an embedded link on your website, a QR code, email or even text message. Applications can feature required fields and document uploads to ensure applicants know what is expected of them and that you get the info you need. And, conditional logic rules can be applied to filter applications based on answers so you can quickly get to the applicants you want.

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