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Online School Registration Forms Template

Ensure parents can easily register their children for the upcoming school semester with OnTask. See how easy it is for them to fill in their info and create your own online school registration form today.

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School Registration Forms

Why Use Digital Forms for Student Registration?

Complicated or paper-based student registration forms can cause attrition with parents and students. Using digital school registration forms can break down those barriers, allowing them to fill in their information and enroll in school from any device without the hassle of dropping off or mailing in forms.

Here's What is Possible With the Online School Registration Forms

In this video, you can get a quick peek at how the School Registration Forms Online from OnTask works. This video will show you what it looks like to send a document, as well as what an employee or client will see when they receive the form submit.

How OnTask Makes School Registration Simple for Students & Parents

OnTask is a FERPA compliant solution that makes registering for school a simple, pain-free process for students and parents. Student registration forms created in OnTask can be accessed from any device, and automatically routed to your enrollment department upon completion. You can set required fields to ensure no information gets missed and easily import all data into your school’s CRM. 

Start your free 14-day trial to see how OnTask can transform your school’s registration process.

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