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Patient Intake Form Templates for Your Practice

OnTask’s patient intake forms give you an easy way to record new patient information and health history. See how easy it is for patients to fill a form in OnTask, and customize your own patient intake form.

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Healthcare Form Workflow

Why Use Digital Forms for Patient Intake?

Digital forms are simple to use, ensuring your practice gets the right information back from clients in a timely manner. Digital forms are also a more secure way to store patient data than using filing cabinets and folders.

How OnTask Can Assist with Patient InTake Forms

OnTask is a HIPAA and FERPA compliant tool that streamlines the way general practitioners collect new patient intake forms. Easily send out forms to patients via a pre-appointment email or text, or have them visit a link or scan a QR code once in the office. Once submitted, forms can be routed back to your front desk team to process. And, all data collected can easily integrate with your practice’s CRM for later use.

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