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Simple Invoice Templates

Creating an invoice from scratch every time you need to bill a client can be a hassle. See how easy it is to fill an invoice and create your own with our free trial.

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Why Use Digital Invoices?

Relying on paper-based invoices means dealing with printing, scanning, and filling each invoice from scratch. Going digital gives you a reliable digital archive, eliminating lost invoices, and making for more efficient processing with fewer mistakes.

How OnTask Can Help with Invoices

From start to finish, OnTask makes working with invoices pain-free. Create reusable templates, fill in the necessary info, and send for sign via email, text, link or QR code. You can also set OnTask to send automatic reminders to recipients, ensuring your business gets paid on time.

Start your 14-day free trial today to see how easy it is to fill an invoice in OnTask and create your own.

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