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Seamless, standardized digital documents

Create contracts, quotes, invoices, proposals, offer letters, and other templates in an easy-to-use, no-code tool.

Stop wasting time searching for files and managing multiple versions of your important business documents. With OnTask, generating templates and routing documents is simple, efficient, and affordable.

Go paperless to save time and money

Get quicker document routing and approvals by eliminating physical documents, printing and scanning.

  • Easily convert printed documents to digital and create new documents
  • Reduce back-and-forth faxes, phone call and emails
  • Access documents anytime, anywhere

Quickly generate reusable templates

With template assistant and a template library, it’s easy to digitize the documents you use over and over.

  • Scan PDFs and digitize with find-and-replace fields
  • Upload supporting documents, with 60 file types supported
  • Incorporate your branding into documents for a professional, cohesive look

Collaborate in one place

Internal and external stakeholders can conduct redlining, negotiation and other document revisions in one platform, streamlining the process.

  • No login required for individuals completing and approving
  • Real-time visibility means you know the status of your documents
  • See updates in your workflow dashboard and get work done on-the-go

Secure your data

There’s no need to worry about outdated and incorrect versions when all your documents are in one workflow.

  • Reduced error and legal or financial risk
  • SOC2 and HIPAA compliant
  • Digital signatures are certified, trackable and secure

Start simplifying your workflow and saving time with OnTask.

Document automation

Creating templates for digital documents is simple with OnTask. Powerful workflows and integrations allow you to capture data once and flow it through your systems, saving you time and increasing accuracy by reducing data entry.

graphic of integration example

Merge data and connect processes

Flexible integrations with open APIs, Zapier, webhooks and other common systems means you can use data from your CRM or other system to auto-fill existing documents or generate ones.

  • Connect documents and workflows with your CRM file management and storage, marketing automation platform and more.
  • Use document data to populate other systems
  • Maintain version control
computer screen with text explaining Simple no code designer

Automate document routing

Map your process flows for document routing with our intuitive, visual tool.

  • Customize processes to fit your needs, whether simple or complex
  • Reviewers and approvers don’t have to sign in or register to review and sign documents
  • Build your own workflows or use our expert support

Templatize your workflows

Once you’ve created your workflow, there’s no need to start from scratch.

  • Copy and paste existing workflows for new processes.
  • Import and export workflows easily
With OnTask, transitioning from paper to digital made it much more efficient and much quicker for us to get our workflow documents done from A to Z because you’re filling out what you need, clicking next, and immediately the next person in line is getting that, so it’s much efficient in the digital format of the workflow than it is the paper document.
The Wyanoke Group

Why do businesses love OnTask?

OnTask uses automated workflow processes to help customers increase efficiency, saving small and midsize businesses time and money.





Digitize and simplify with powerful document generation and automation