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Get forms, documents, contracts and proposals signed in seconds

Secure eSignatures

Accomplish work faster and more efficiently with OnTask’s electronic signatures tool. With the ability to digitize your processes and easily add digital signatures into an automated workflow, you can save time and reduce errors, all while being compliant and secure.

Ensure Security & Compliance

  • eSign Act and UETA compliant
  • SOC2 and HIPAA compliant
  • Legally binding and secure

Automate Reminders

  • Create repeating and escalating reminders and notifications to get electronic signatures completed
  • Reassign, resend and generate custom links for reminders and send via SMS text messaging

Bulk Send

  • Request digital signatures from as many people as you want at any date and time
  • Upload multiple files simultaneously, with 60 different file types available

Reuse & Edit Templates

  • Create a template once that you can reuse, edit and customize with company branding
  • Find templates in our template library to get started quickly

Collect & Integrate Data

  • Required fields ensure you collect data accurately
  • Get electronic signatures faster by populating documents with merged data captured from integrated systems

Gain Visibility

  • Track the status of signatures in one intuitive dashboard
  • Gain insights into roadblocks and inefficiencies

Sign and send, anywhere

With email, SMS text messaging, embedded URLs and QR codes, OnTask’s flexible delivery methods ensure your electronic signatures will be signed however is best for you and your participants.

SMS Text Messaging
Embedded URLs
QR Codes
“I like everything about this software. The ease of use, availability to sign documents with a verified signature and be able to custom brand emails so that they are company specific. All of this for a great price. It is well worth the money.”
Nick Holub
Percheron LLC

Try Out OnTask and Get 5 Free Signatures a Month

Want to get started with eSignatures but don’t have a high volume of documents to sign? Sign up for our free trial to explore the product for 14 days, and enjoy 5 free signature sends a month on us.

Why do businesses love OnTask?

OnTask uses automated workflow processes to help customers increase efficiency, saving small and midsize businesses time and money.





Get work done faster with OnTask Electronic Signatures