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A simple solution to track, collect, screen, and trace.

View of OnTask Dashboard

Vaccine Tracking Dashboard

Get a quick snapshot of how many employees have been vaccinated, claimed exemption, or haven’t completed their paperwork. And, quickly see what submissions need your attention in the tracking dashboard.

Stay Up-to-Date with New OSHA Mandates

Things are constantly changing. Stay in the know about COVID-19 requirements with our help.

Simpler, smarter vaccine and health monitoring

Track – Allow employees to upload their proof of vaccination or request an exemption, with reminders for additional shots and boosters

Collect – Monitor employee wellness status, with the ability to submit COVID-19 test results and route to the proper parties for review

Screen – Accessed via a link or QR code, easily launch health screenings for employees to complete, and approve or deny entry based on answers

Trace – Easily deploy contract tracing in the event of a positive COVID-19 test to better ensure the health of workers

Request – Automatically send vaccine-related PTO requests to HR based on employee workflow inputs

Oversee – Quickly gain visibility into how many employees have been vaccinated, which submissions need attention, and who still needs to submit 

Track vaccination and test results at your workplace.

Stay on track, stay on schedule.

Get up and running with COVID-19 tracking in just a few days using OnTask.

Pre-built Templates

  •  Pre-built, reusable templates make deploying vaccine workflows easy. Simply update info, set reminders, and start sending.

Conditional Business Logic

  • Account for exemptions, multi- and booster shots and more all in a single workflow using conditional logic.

Secure Document Upload

  • Make it easy for employees to upload their CDC-issued proof of vaccination documents as well as COVID-19 test results.

Built-in Reminders

  • Set reminders to your preferred amount of time to let employees know when it’s time to upload their next shot, booster, or test result.

Binding eSignatures

  • Eliminate paperwork with legally-binding eSignatures, allowing employees to certify the information submitted is true and accurate.

Access from Any Device

  • Give employees the ability to submit results and data information from any device before they enter your office.
"OnTask is a great solution. The product is excellent, the support is excellent. It really is one of the best moves we’ve made."
Dr. Karen Acree, Director, Application and Technology Learning Services
San Juan College

COVID-19 contact tracing from OnTask

OnTask simplifies contact tracing by automating the collection of workplace interactions. Backed by next-level security features to ensure data stays safe and you stay in compliance.

See OnTask’s Vaccination Tracker in Action

HIPAA, FERPA and SOC2 Compliant

With industry-leading security standards, OnTask makes it easy to collect and track sensitive information across industries. Our digital signatures are legally binding under the ESIGN Act and include a certificate for a complete electronic audit trail, meaning your data is safe and secure, whether it’s COVID-19 related paperwork or any of the other forms that are vital to your business.


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