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Get secure, compliant digital signatures in seconds.

Easily collect staff, customer, or patient data with compliant digital forms.

Merge data from multiple sources and generate fillable documents with ease.

Integrate signatures, forms, documents, and workflows into your native apps in minutes.

Help your departments work faster with eSignatures, forms, and documents connected by intelligent workflows.

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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

HR Automation Software Simplifies All Your Processes

With HR automation, you can speed up all your workflows, from gathering applications to eSigning employment agreements.

HR Pros Get More With OnTask

Automated Routing and Follow-Ups

Manual paperwork processes increase the odds of lost documents and decreased transparency. OnTask eliminates these issues with automated routing to recipients (plus, we send reminders to complete or eSign a form).  

Legally-Binding Signatures

A digitally signed contract or agreement is just as legally binding as a handwritten signature. We comply with the eSign Act and UETA regulations to ensure documents hold up in court.

Pre-Built and Custom Document Generation

Frequently used HR documents that may require small changes each time like NDAs, invoices, and proposals can be simplified. With OnTask’s reusable document templates, you can forgo creating documents from scratch each time.

Simplified Approvals

With HR automation, everyone’s workflow is enhanced with cloud-based access from anywhere and speedy eSignatures at the click of a button. Approvals don’t get easier or faster than this.

Workflows to Connect Every Piece of the Process

Manually managing recruiting, onboarding, and training is slow at best—and frustrating at worst. Automate workflows to track where a document is in the process and whose signatures are pending.

Fillable Forms Integrations

Printing documents to fill out, scan, and re-upload is tedious. OnTask enables you to create fillable forms from existing documents, using our automated field detection feature.

Being a high-velocity hiring platform, in the last 6 months we have screened more than 80,0000+ applicants and helped our clients hire 3,000+ employees via automated and paperless workflows from OnTask.
Saurabh Gupta, Chief Technologist at Talentboost Naro LLC

Security and Compliance Come Standard

Never stress over whether eSignatures or digital document sharing are violating regulations. OnTask doesn’t just solve your paperwork issues—we’re also a solution to your security and compliance problems.


HR Automation Software for Your Crucial Processes

Don’t let your most important HR tasks take more time than they should.


Misplaced onboarding documents and forms? Never again. HR automation software takes an onboarding process that takes months and reduces it to weeks.


Keeping every application on file is critical to growing a talent pool. But it can get messy fast. Prevent overwhelm from stacks of paper with digital forms organized neatly in the cloud.

Performance Reviews

Raises. Terminations. Evaluations. Disciplinary action. HR automation software digitizes performance review documents for swift access and decision-making.

Employee Training

HR automation tools make online training simple and fast for everyone involved with an intuitive dashboard. Upload digital onboarding documents to free up time to help those who need it.

HR Process Automation Case Studies

By integrating digital signatures, forms, and workflows from OnTask into their hiring process, TalentBoost was able to hire 1,200 people in four weeks for a mass hiring event. Now, they’re still using OnTask to make processing and collecting new hire documents a quick, simple process.


Integrate OnTask With All Your Favorite Tools in a Snap

Store documents in GoogleDrive. Schedule interviews in Calendly. Manage employees in Salesforce. Keep all your favorite tools in your workflow, thanks to OnTask’s integration with them (and many more).

Solve All Your Paperwork Problems With OnTask’s HR Automation Solutions