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Quick Integration with the Apps that Power Your Business

Struggling with manual paperwork processes that bog down productivity and involve way too many systems? OnTask Integrations connect with your favorite apps for easy access to documents and data across the platforms you depend on—that means your team can stop wasting time exporting documents and start focusing on what matters most.

Solve Problems the Right Way

Fill gaps between departments and stop doing things by hand. Connect OnTask with your most-loved productivity apps, CRM, and HRIS systems to revolutionize workplace productivity.

Featured Integrations


Sales, HR, and marketing teams rejoice. Using OnTask’s Salesforce integration, you can automatically export documents into Salesforce’s web-based CRM as part of your workflow.

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Manage and store documents with ease. OnTask’s SharePoint integrations allows you to export documents to SharePoint’s powerful web-based team collaboration software as part of your workflow.

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Google Drive

Stay in sync. Automatically export documents into Google Drive as part of your workflow for easy cross-platform access.

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Integrate with More of Your Favorite Apps




Google Docs




Google Calendar


How Do I Connect with Hybrid Applications?

OnTask can connect to any application that integrates with Zapier or accepts webhook data. Our webhooks send information and documents between platforms behind the scenes to fill any gaps in your process, leaving you with a seamless experience for document and data sharing.

Unify with OnTask API

Provide a seamless user experience without wasting valuable time and developer resources. Launch eSignatures, forms, and documents and integrate with any 3rd party application that makes RESTful API calls programmatically with OnTask API.

Why do businesses love OnTask?

"We’ve really been enjoying using OnTask—it has streamlined many of our processes and saved the entire team a lot of time and steps in getting contracts and forms signed."
Pat Sanchez, Customer Support Manager
eBridge Inc.

Don’t Get Slowed Down by Disjointed Processes