Store Documents Securely with OnTask’s Amazon S3 Integration

Transfer uploaded and forms-generated documents to your preferred Amazon S3 storage location as part of an automated workflow.

About the Amazon S3 Integration

OnTask’s Amazon S3 integration lets you easily flow documents and forms collected in OnTask into the storage bucket of your choice in Amazon S3’s secure cloud. Files are automatically uploaded upon completion.

What You Need

  • OnTask account
  • Amazon S3 Account

How to Get Set Up

  • Create a workflow with a web form
  • Add an export document task and choose Amazon S3 as the destination
  • Enter your Amazon S3 credentials and click accept

Amazon S3 x OnTask Benefits

Keep your documents safe and secure with OnTask’s Amazon S3 integration.

Automated Document Sharing

Upload any OnTask workflow document directly to a secure Amazon S3 storage location.

Secure “Write Only” Uploads

Following Principle of Least Privilege security practices, OnTask can upload files to write-only S3 locations but not access them later for retrieval.

Streamlined Document Management

Organize and update documents automatically by transferring collected information to the appropriate Amazon S3 location.

Reduced Human Error

Avoid error-prone manual processes by routing documents directly to secure Amazon S3 storage from OnTask workflows.

More Integrations for More Productivity

Make your workplace more efficient with OnTask integrations that connect your workflows to the platforms you use every day.

How Can You Use the Amazon S3 Integration?

  • Export uploaded documents for storage
  • Organize collected documents
  • Export documents generated from form data
  • Export digitally signed documents for archival


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 (or Amazon Simple Storage Service) is a scalable, cloud-based storage platform managed by AWS that allows multiple users to access and share files.

What is Amazon S3 used for?

Amazon S3 is primarily used for storage in conjunction with services or applications running in AWS, including websites, mobile apps, backup systems, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and analytics programs.

How does the Amazon S3 integration work?

OnTask workflows can export documents to any Amazon S3 bucket you have write access to. After entering credentials as part of the integration setup, you can configure any OnTask workflow to automatically transfer uploaded documents or documents generated by form data to an Amazon S3 location whenever the workflow reaches the “Export Document” task.

How can I set up my Amazon S3 integration?

Use this step-by-step integration guide to get set up.

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