Legal Workflow Automation Software

Streamline your documentation process with easy eSignatures and reduce turnaround times at your practice.

Legal Workflow Management Transforms Your Processes

Capture Legally-Binding Electronic Signatures in a Snap

Electronic signatures collected through OnTask are secure and legally binding, giving clients an easy way to sign documents from any device, anytime.

Improve Client Intake

Allow new clients to fill out paperwork and sign intake documents digitally, without the hassle of printing, scanning, and emailing completed forms back.

Enable Better Team Collaboration

Law firm workflows keep processes connected, ensuring that whether employees are working in-office or remote, nothing gets missed along the way.

Cut Down On Errors

Automating law documents keeps your processes repeatable, reducing the risks of error on important paperwork.

Securely Collect and Store Key Documents

Keep legal paperwork confidential. All documents collected through OnTask meet the highest standards for security and compliance.

Make Client Relationship Management Easy

Make more time for clients. Automation saves you time with automated follow-ups on documents waiting to be signed.

Custom and Pre-Built Workflows Tailored to Your Firm

We get it, you’re short on time. That’s why we created a library of customizable workflows to help your law firm get started.

With OnTask, Security & Compliance Comes Standard

ESIGN ACT 2000 Compliant

The ESIGN Act grants legal recognition to electronic and digital signatures when both parties intend to sign. OnTask meets all requirements for binding signatures under this act.

HIPAA Compliant

OnTask allows you to segment access so that only authorized individuals can see sensitive client data.

Tamper-Proof Documents

Protect the integrity of documents using OnTask’s public-private key encryption to ensure only specified parties can sign and change documents.

24/7 System Monitoring

We employ consistent system monitoring so that you don’t have to worry about downtime or security issues when it comes to your important documents.

Legal Workflow Automation with OnTask

Legal Intake Forms

Pre-screening and onboarding new clients can be tedious without the right tools. Use easy digital screening forms to see if prospective clients are a good fit. Complete with automated routing to keep everyone in the loop.

Legal Contracts

Send legal contracts of all types for signature with OnTask. Clients and respective parties can review and sign contracts from any device. Built-in reminders ensure everyone signs before documents are routed back to you for review.

Commercial Documents

Lease agreements, lease notices, and everything else that falls under the realm of commercial documents have a lot of steps and stakeholders involved. Automate your commercial documents for easy access, revisions, and storage.

Release Waivers

Easily draw up digital release waivers. OnTask lets you store documents as templates so that you can reuse, customize, and send the right version of documents every single time.

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

OnTask fits in perfectly with your existing case management software. Connect your apps and access documents wherever is most convenient for you and your team.

Simplify Legal Paperwork with OnTask