A Solution to eSignatures for Non-Profits​

A cost-effective way to digitize your workflows, speed up signatures and do what you love best—volunteer.

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Benefits of eSignatures for Non-Profits

Save Money and the Trees

Fighting for a cause shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg or the environment. Remove wasteful paperwork from your processes with OnTask.

Simplify Processes with eSignatures

Make it easier for the people you help by creating a workflow that’s convenient for everyone. OnTask captures legally binding digital signatures on any device.

Speed Up Workflows with Automation

With OnTask, you can simplify things like applications or intake forms with eSignatures and easy form fills.

Never Lose Important Documents

Volunteering can be chaotic at times, making it tough to keep track of essential paperwork. By going digital, you can store everything in the cloud for easy accessibility.

Jump in with Non-Profit Document Management

Stop wasting hours creating documents from scratch. OnTask offers a library of customizable templates, including adoption papers, health questionnaires, and digital waivers. 

OnTask is Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Securely Store Documents in the Cloud

Access important documents from anywhere you have internet without worry of it being compromised. OnTask uses the same encryption technology as government agencies.

Send and Receive Documents Securely

Mailing and emailing documents is risky business—safeguard personal data and medical records using OnTask’s TLS 1.2 encryption.

Prevent Fraud with Tamper-Proof Documents

The last thing you need is a fraudster manipulating waivers and adoption papers. OnTask makes digital documents tamper-proof by allowing you to sign and make changes.

Authorize Access to Paperwork

Share documents with fellow volunteers or adopters in real time without sacrificing security. With OnTask you can segment access to ensure only the right people can access data.

“I could have bought an eSignature platform, but I liked OnTask because it gives you many more options. That’s what I like, the options, creativity, and team behind the product.”

Paul Fuller, Director of Operations at Central Ohio Youth for Christ

Best eSignature Software for Non-Profits of All Types

Pet Rescues

Saving animals and finding them happy homes—there’s no feeling like it. OnTask makes your role easier by digitizing the adoption process with pre-built templates and eSignatures.

Youth Enrichment

Helping children requires a lot of time and effort. Spend your time on what matters most by automating digital document workflows with OnTask.

Social Services

Every day that you volunteer is a day spent bettering your community. Ensure you keep data secure while you do so using OnTask’s encrypted platform to send and receive documents and eSignatures.

Arts and Culture

Continue spreading the love for the arts without the worry of paperwork. OnTask digitizes your workflow so you can quickly send and sign documents virtually.

Case Study

Digital Adoption Papers for Rescue Pets of Florida

OnTask doesn’t just help non-profits, we partner with them. We helped Rescue Pets of Florida by eliminating costly (and time-consuming) paper applications, emails, and physical storage. 

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OnTask Integrates with Your Existing Software

Have a set of favorite tools you currently use at your non-profit? OnTask integrates with numerous platforms, which means you get to upgrade your workflow without any hiccups.

Collect Signatures More Efficiently with OnTask