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Experience easy workflow automation with our Workflow Builder

Workflow Automation Tools

Create a workflow once and let OnTask take care of the rest. In a mobile-responsive, user-friendly interface, you can automate repeatable processes with if/then conditional branching, set different roles and permissions, and create custom branding and templates.

Dynamic Documents & Forms

  • Remove repetition by populating your documents and forms with merged data captured from other systems or web forms 
  • Combine documents based on logic

Conditional Logic

  • Set rules that cause your workflow to intelligently take the actions you want it to
  • Use if/then branching or parallel branching to have tasks completed

Automated Reminders

  • Set reminders and notifications within your workflows
  • Provide completion reminders by reassigning, resending and generating custom links

Reusable Document Templates

  • Create a template once that you can edit and reuse over and over again.
  • Template assistants help you convert and create documents faster

Digital Signatures

  • Collect signatures easily and ensure your collected signatures are authentic and encrypted
  • SOC2 and HIPAA compliant, legally binding and secure

Bulk Send

  • Send your forms and documents to as many people as you want at any date and time
  • Upload multiple files at once, with 60 different file types

Dynamic delivery methods

Send your forms and documents however is best for you and your participants — email, SMS text messaging, URLs embedded anywhere or QR codes.

SMS Text Messaging
Embedded URLs
QR Codes
“Your competition allowed us to create templates, but we needed 25 different templates for every different position... Once I built out the workflows, OnTask reduced our 25 templates down to two. We were able to build everything we need into two templates and two links, and it enabled us to get simplified reporting.”
Saurabh Gupta, CTO

Why do businesses love OnTask?

OnTask uses automated workflow processes to help customers increase efficiency, saving small and midsize businesses time and money.





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