Statement of Work Terms and Conditions

This OnTask STATEMENT of WORK TERMS and CONDITONS, “the Agreement”, is made and entered into as of the date on the SOW Signature page by and between OnTask Corporation with a place of business located at 4001 N. Riverside Drive, Tampa, FL 33603, USA and the “Customer”.

1. Acceptance. The acceptance of the Deliverables provided pursuant to this SOW shall be based solely on the requirements set forth in this SOW. Acceptance testing of the Deliverables shall be started immediately following their receipt. The final Deliverables shall be accepted when Customer has successfully completed tests to determine that the Deliverables meet the requirements defined by this SOW and within two weeks of delivery. If no acceptance or rejection is provided to OnTask within two weeks of delivery, the Deliverables shall be deemed accepted.

2. Work Product. Customer acknowledges that the Work Product derived from this SOW, including all software code, workflows and documentation shall not be considered a Work For Hire, but shall be considered part of the OnTask Service Offering, owned completely by OnTask, with of Work Product governed by the OnTask Terms of Service. OnTask acknowledges that any materials provided by Customer to OnTask shall remain the property of Customer and OnTask claims no right to use for any purpose other than supporting Customer.

3. Change Order Process. Amendments to this SOW may be created by Customer to support any follow-on or different requirements to this SOW.  An Amendment will define the unique requirements of the modification requested to this SOW. It will be governed by the same Agreements as this SOW.

Following are the key elements in each Amendment:
Project Requirements and Scope
Project Assumptions
Fees and Expenses

Customer and OnTask, when appropriate, will discuss the proposed Amendment outlining the follow-on requirements for content, accuracy and feasibility prior to OnTask responding to Customer in writing. OnTask will respond to each proposed Amendment in writing, addressing each area identified and provide a firm fixed price quote or time and material quote when appropriate.

PDF: OnTask SOW Terms and Conditions