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Collateral Agreement Template

Collateral agreements are important to ensure the repayment of indebtedness. Don’t forget this important step when drawing up your next contract. OnTask’s collateral agreement template is easy to use, edit, and customize so that you can quickly get documents signed by your client and all parties involved. Try it for free today.

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Why Use Our Free Collateral Agreement Template?

Let’s face it — legal firms need a way to stop wasting time on paperwork. OnTask is the perfect solution to help you do it. Our collateral agreement template comes complete with a standard collateral contract that you can edit to fit the needs of each party involved. Our workflows allow you to automatically pre-fill data with client inputs, automatically send it to be digitally signed by all involved parties, and then receive a copy of the final document upon completion.

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  • Streamline transferring property rights
  • Increased transparency
  • Standardized processes
  • Improve communication
  • Customizable fills
  • Simplify repayment of indebtedness

Simplify the Transfer of Personal Property Rights from Owners to Assignees

What once took hours, now takes minutes. It’s time to give your client’s the right impression with our easy-to-sign collateral agreement template. From the initial send to the final signature, your process is about to get a whole lot easier.

“As a package, OnTask provides all these different tools under one company, as opposed to us having to go to multiple third-party companies.”

Charles MacCall, Chief Operating Officer at Rosen Law Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

Collateral agreements are an agreement between at least two parties, where one party pledges the rights to some or all of an item of personal property to another party as assurance for the repayment of an indebtedness. These agreements are often signed on top of an original contract which outlines the terms of another, larger deal.

Anyone who needs a safeguard to ensure they receive payment. Collateral agreements are made to ensure that one party is reimbursed or compensated if the terms of the original contract are not met.

A collateral agreement should outline in detail the property that will be used as collateral should the terms of the original contract not be met. It should also specify who the lender or secured party is, and who the borrower is.

Yes. Everything about our collateral agreement template is customizable. You can switch out the document being used, or edit fields on the one we currently have. You can also customize the steps of the workflow and even add in things like automated reminders and follow-ups.