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Student Waiver Form Template

Student waivers are a necessity for field trips, after school activities, and school sports participation. Collect them easily with OnTask. See how easy it is for parents to fill out student waivers and personalize your own.

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Why Use Digital Forms to Collect Student Waivers?

When it comes to student participation waivers, one of the biggest challenges is getting parents to sign and return them. Digital waivers make the process easier, giving parents the ability to sign off on their child’s permission slips with a few clicks of a button.

See How The Student Waiver Form Works

In this video, you can get a quick peek at how the Student Waiver from OnTask works. This video will show you what it looks like to send a document, as well as what an employee or client will see when they receive the form to sign.

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How OnTask Helps You Collect Student Waiver Forms

OnTask makes collecting student waiver forms easy for both parents and staff. Once a student waiver template has been created, it can be shared with parents via a link, email, or even text message. Parents can easily fill and sign using our legally binding eSignature tool. Once completed, these forms can be automatically routed back to staff members for safekeeping.

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