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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

Room Rental Agreement Form Template

OnTask makes it easy for individuals to request a common room rental at your facility. Complete with legally binding eSignatures, OnTask makes the process efficient and keeps your facility protected if challenged in a court of law. Test drive using OnTask for your room rental request and customize the workflow to fit your needs.

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Why Go Digital with Room Rental Requests?

Sending paper forms and waiting for them to be returned is more hassle than it’s worth. Taking the process digital allows you to easily send or allow individuals to access your room rental without searching for the right documents.

See How The Common Room Rental Request Form Workflow Works

In this video, you can get a quick peek at how the Common Room Rental Request Form Workflow from OnTask works. This video will show you what it looks like to send a document, as well as what an employee or client will see when they receive the workflow to submit.

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How OnTask Simplifies Request Forms

OnTask allows you to send request forms via email, text, QR code or a link; and can easily be embedded on your site or wherever else you’d like users to access the form. Once someone digitally signs your form, it will be automatically routed to your team for review and approval. Whether approved or denied, OnTask will automatically send an email back to the user with your team’s decision. 

Save time and cut down on hassle with OnTask.

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