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Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contractual agreement between two parties, promising to keep specific information confidential. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Take the weight out of this part of your process with OnTask’s confidentiality agreement template. Make it simple and straightforward for parties to complete their side of the agreement with this user-friendly template from OnTask.

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A Free Confidentiality Agreement Form Template To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Getting agreements from the right people at the right time of the process can seem intimidating. With OnTask, that’s a thing of the past. Help reduce the intimidation factor and simplify collecting signatures by making the process digital with this confidentiality agreement template.

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  • Outline Clear Expectations
  • Isolate Intellectual Property
  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Reuse the Template
  • Customize Fields
  • Save Time & Simplify Processes

When to Use the Confidentiality Agreement Template

Our simplistic template gives signers a quick and easy way to review and sign the confidentiality agreements your team sends. Complete with customizable fields, this template is designed to be flexible to fit your needs.

“As a package, OnTask provides all these different tools under one company, as opposed to us having to go to multiple third-party companies.” 

Charles MacCall, CEO of Rosen Law

Simplify Confidentiality Agreements with OnTask

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Frequently Asked Questions

A confidentiality agreement is a simple legal agreement between one or more parties barring them from disclosing or profiting from confidential information.

No. Confidentiality agreements bind all parties to keep specified information confidential, while NDAs bind signers to uphold secrecy by creating a confidential relationship.

There are a few general elements that should be present in any confidentiality agreement:
  • Agreement date - Setting the date on which the agreement goes into effect is essential.
  • Descriptions of the two parties involved - Include names and identification to ensure there are no misunderstandings if the document is challenged in a court of law
  • Reason for the agreement - State why the agreement is being created, and what is expected of each party
  • Include any company property involved - Describe any confidential information be held secret under this agreement in great detail to ensure protection in a court of law
Some additional info you may want to include is things like customer info, intellectual property, marketing, and sales info, unreleased product info, financial information, computer or access code to name a few.  

Violating a confidentiality agreement contract comes with serious consequences, as they are a legally binding agreement. A breach of contract can carry heavy civil and criminal penalties if broken. This is why it is crucial to ensure all parties read and understand the agreement before signing.

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