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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

COVID-19 Test Result Tracking Workflow

OnTask makes it easy to track and store COVID-19 test results. For employees who are not vaccinated but returning to work, tracking results is crucial for OSHA compliance and company health initiatives. See how easy it is to collect test results using this template and customize to fit your needs.

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Why Track COVID Test Results Digitally?

Tracking COVID-19 results in a centralized system can help prevent confusion and time wasted searching for documents. Using emails or spreadsheets can cause security concerns and is not a sustainable solution for a growing business.

See How The COVID-19 Test Result Tracking Workflow Works

In this video, you can get a quick peek at how the COVID-19 Test Result Tracking Workflow from OnTask works. This video will show you what it looks like to send a document, as well as what an employee or client will see when they receive the workflow to submit.

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How OnTask Simplifies COVID-19 Test Result Collection

With OnTask, employees can click a link or scan a QR code from your site, an email, or even in-office signage to submit their test results. Mobile-friendly and secure, OnTask gives them an easy way to upload a picture of their test result and certify its true with a digital signature.

Take the burden out of test collection with OnTask.

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