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Intellectual Property Agreement

Intellectual property agreements allow you to either get authorization to use another company’s intellectual property or give authorization for another company to use yours. Once a  tedious task to draw up and sign, OnTask makes completing intellectual property agreements simple for everyone involved.

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Why Use Our Free Intellectual Property Agreement Template?

Using OnTask’s intellectual property agreement template allows you to easily send or sign documents, customize your workflow, and even set automated reminders if no action is taken. Plus, we don’t believe in hidden fees or poor support like some of our competitors. Just simple, fast, intellectual property agreements.

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  • Ensures clarity and consistency
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Saves time on your legal process
  • Legal compliance
  • Protect confidential information
  • Cost effective

Streamline Intellectual Property Agreement with Ontask’s Form Automation

Whether you’re filling out intellectual property agreements for yourself or your clients, it’s time to  streamline your process. Stop searching for the right version of your document or second-guessing whether the signatures you’ve collected are actually legally-binding and compliant. OnTask has you covered.

“For me, if there’s a document that needs to be signed, that is the simplest little thing to do in OnTask.”

Dayna Setzkorn, Operations Manager at Contact Hamilton

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Frequently Asked Questions

An intellectual property agreement is a legal document that certifies that one party, usually a business entity, can use another party's intellectual property. The business sharing their intellectual property still retains ownership of it, even if shared.

Examples of intellectual property covered by these agreements include trade secrets (think of a secret recipe), patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

Yes. You can use a standard intellectual property agreement and update your fields with the specifics of the deal.

Things that need to be included in an intellectual property agreement include:
  • What type of intellectual property is being shared
  • Terms of use, this should be as detailed as possible
  • Involved parties

Having a lawyer create your intellectual property agreement is recommended to ensure the document is valid and provides the correct information needed.