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Fillable Project Request Form Template For Your Team

Keep your team on track, without hunting down the right documents to do so. Our fillable project request form template allows you to fill in projects details—such as when it should be completed, who will be working on it, and a project overview for clarity. This template can be customized with whatever fields you’d like, and reused time and time again to make handling project delegation simple.

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Project request form template

Why Use Our Free Project Request Form Template?

This new project request form template allows you to cut extra, unnecessary steps from your project timelines, such as searching for project request forms, printing them out, and waiting on team members to review. Instead, you can access your template directly in OnTask anytime you have a new project, send your completed request by email, and then set automated reminders to ensure team members review and accept your project in a timely manner.

Key Benefits of Project Request Form Template:

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  • Standardized processes
  • Streamline your operation
  • Improved collaboration between departments
  • Project prioritization
  • Increased transparency
  • Customizable fills

See How Your Project Request Form Template Works in Our Platform

Never create another project request form from scratch or spend time following up on review emails. Watch this quick demo to see how easy it is to fill and send a project initiation request form template in OnTask.

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Simplify Project Requests with OnTask’s Form Automation

Say goodbye to hunting down your old project initiation request forms in your email or desktop and say hello to stress-free project kick-offs. Completing a new request form every time you have a new project is tedious. Customize this template to work for your team, with the freedom to go back and edit fields for more complex projects. Let’s get sending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A project request form is a document that illustrates all details of a project, including the timeline, who will be working on it, what goals needs to be accomplished, and what tools/resources are needed to accomplish that goal.

What’s in your project request can vary depending on the specifics of your department and job. But, some good details to include are:
  • Project owner
  • Name of the project
  • Description or overview of the project
  • Goal of the project
  • Resources needed to complete the project
  • Known constraints
  • Budget
  • Proposed timeline
  • Metrics to measure performance
The above are all great foundational things to include in your document, but  it can be customized to fit your team or project’s needs.

Project request forms are a great tool to ensure everyone working on the project has a full understanding of what needs to be done. Additionally, it acts as a good reference point to ensure timelines and budgets are being met.

Typically, a project manager will use a project request form for the teams that they oversee. Anyone can use them to communicate projects and ensure timelines stay on track though.

Project request forms exist for many different processes. Some of which include IT request forms, capital project request forms, creative project request forms, general project requests, construction project requests, and more.